College a Trois

Yeah it did.


Guess what Amanda’s doing!? Study Abroad! 

Post about that soon? I think so… and you guys thought we died :)

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this is what ananta’s been up to after this place died a horrible, fiery death.

that’s how i imagine it happened.

(with fire)

If you haven’t noticed…

We’re back, and here’s what you need to know. If you wanted to know.

  • Rather than a video from each of us every week, we’re only releasing one video a week, with a rotating “host”. The first one is gonna be from Evan.
  • We’ll try to pick a definite day to post the videos. Probably.
  • Because we want you kids obsessively checking on our site, between video releases we’ll be posting random anecdotes, overheard conversations, photos, et cetera from our respective campuses.

So, rather than being just a video site, we’re now closer to our original intent for this place. Which is “three idiot freshmen in college who are using posting videos and other stuff as an excuse to stay in touch.”

You can read that on the sidebar whenever you want.

At art school, there is no such thing as a “second floor,” only questions.
(expect an epic comeback on a certain weekend that is this weekend weekend weekend)


At art school, there is no such thing as a “second floor,” only questions.

(expect an epic comeback on a certain weekend that is this weekend weekend weekend)

how’s it going?

Yeah, I know, things have been kind of quiet on our end. We didn’t realize that college is actually stressful kinda!

That doesn’t mean this place is going to die. No, no. We’re reorganizing and rethinking how we should approach this blog and will be good to go by next semester.


~ College a Trois

hey kids!

It’s the ananter.

You might notice I didn’t post a video today. It’s because I forgot to make one. And I’m kinda lazy. And I have a couple more pertinent things on my plate right now, college-wise. That I chose to procrastinate on by doing other internet stuff instead of recording.

At least I’m being honest.

I’ll be back!


So it seems I’m the only dude consistently posting here. What can I say, starting the fourth year last year kinda instilled a lazy work ethic when it comes to tumblr-ing.

That and the test that I need to study for is on Thursday, which means that doing something like this to procrastinate is, comparatively speaking, better to do now.

This is a video with the few bits of footage I managed to grab the last time I drove back to Houston. The blame lies solely on myself for it being not as comprehensive of the whole trip or as entertaining as it should be. Yeah.

This entire video and tumblr post was put together as I was sitting in my laundry room. College.


…for this weekend, KIDS GET IN FOR ONLY 5 BUCKS!!!! I will be posting a very epic/entertaining/well-done video for your viewing pleasure (and to make up for the days I missed…)


I have no idea where everyone else went, by the way.


I’m sure you can find more if you so choose, but here are a few news links: [1] [2]

I don’t have much to say about it all, it’s extremely surreal to even think back to a few hours ago. (This is being written the day of, but posted on my posting day. Just to clear things up.) I woke up, groggy and confused to the sound of sirens and the advice to say put indoors.

Much credit goes to the UT and Austin police departments for handling this whole ordeal in the best way they possibly could.

Sorry if this update’s a bit of a bummer. But I do say “shit” three times in rapid succession!

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